Back to writing and running

It has taken me a long time to write anything. In the past it felt easy, there were things going on in the running world, I was running consistently and training well. At the end of September 2019 I completed the Berlin marathon, achieving my sub 3:30 goal that had been written on my chalk board for months prior, wrote a blog about my experience but couldn’t bring myself to publish it. You might ask yourself why?

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The London Marathon

The Build Up

What a rookie mistake!

After the high of the Manchester Marathon, my thoughts turned to my next challenge, the London Marathon. Just three weeks separated these two events and I knew it was going to be tough. A lot of you know I like a

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January wasn’t the greatest month of all time. It started and almost ended within the same breath. On New Years Day, I ran to and from both parkrun’s and clocked up just under 16 miles. A few days later, I ran the usual parkrun and everything still felt ok but out of no where, my foot felt like it had been broken. Continue reading “January.”

Insta- Tips

I recently posted on my story and asked the Instagram for their running tips for people just getting into the world of running. This is what they said. They are in no particular order and please take them as friendly advice and may or may not have any scientific backing… Continue reading “Insta- Tips”