The First 29 Days.

I always knew this journey to completing my first marathon journey, but I didn’t realise how quickly the plan can change. I started my plan on the 17th December and things started incredibly well.

I didn’t miss a session in the first week and I worked bloody hard to sure I was hitting each sessions goal. The thing I was really struggling with was some of the target paces. I had some where the average pace was meant to be 9mins per mile and I really struggled so I just upped the pace but kept it at a comfortable level.

Week one was great. 27.1 miles done, not a session missed, and the legs felt great.

Christmas week was a shower of shit for following the plan but great to just run for fun. Not targets, no aims, just plenty of fun! Not a single session complete but plenty of miles at varying pace and distance achieved so I classified this as a successful week. Was it? Sure, why not. I still managed to cover 27.6 miles, so I felt like I was heading in the right direction.

New Years Day parkrun @ Victoria Park

The week the wheels fell off was week 3. I ran the last 3.8 miles to round my 2018 mileage up to 1100 for the year on New Year’s Eve and claimed a nice badge from Garmin! Result. New Years Day is a pretty special day in the parkrun calendar as you can claim two runs on the same day. With that in mind, I thought why don’t I run to both from home? A quick Google Map search and its 15.5-mile round trip on New years day. Challenge accepted.

I felt pretty good after the 15.7 miles I had ran but took it easier the next with a steady recovery run. This may have been where I made my mistake, on one of my sessions, I stuck my 5kg weight vest on and set out on four-mile progression run. Its where each mile/kilometre is quicker than the previous. I bloody smashed it out the park! 730,724,723 (Hill!) and 656 with a cool down after.

The next day, my foot was aching. I rested Friday and drove to parkrun

The classic frozen pea recovery

Saturday. It felt ok after the first mile and by the end felt normal. Fast forward 24 hours and I was broken. I felt like my foot was broken.

I rested Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It was no better. I knew rest was required but I couldn’t just do nothing. I bought a Smart Turbo Trainer and go it set up in the living room. Cycling was going to be the saviour! I love the Zwift program and because I am a highly competitive person it does spur me on!

Zwift links from my laptop to the bike and my heart rate monitor and then


adjusts the resistance to replicate where I am cycling. You can do group rides, races and workouts with people all around the world!

The joys of having access to the internet is that you start searching. Fear sets in. Dr Google ruins your marathon plan after reading you may need it removed. Finally bit the bullet on Friday 11th January and went to see the Doctor. He referred me for an x-ray with a potential stress fracture! He explained recovery for this can be 4-10 weeks dependent on severity.

Wednesday 16/01 is the big day. Results day. Wish me luck.

I have learnt a fair bit already and broken my own golden rules but I don’t usually do things the easy way, so why start now. Woops!

Things I have learnt so far

  • The plan isn’t everything
  • Change is a good thing
  • Cross training is important
  • Must stretch more
  • Always listen to your body
  • Zwift is pretty cool.


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31 year old father of two and a half kids who went from half arsed running to trying to run a marathon. Completed the #1000milesin2018 for Parkinson's UK.

4 thoughts on “The First 29 Days.

  1. Fingers crossed that your foot will heal on its own. It’s great to read your positive attitude towards this. My left foot also hurts since two weeks. I still keep running, but it worries me. It reminds me of the pain I had from a torn ligament 15 years ago. I’ll try with a bandage, but if it doesn’t get any better, I’ll have to rest for a few days. Anyway, keep up the great work and your attitude. It’s inspiring… 🙂

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