January wasn’t the greatest month of all time. It started and almost ended within the same breath. On New Years Day, I ran to and from both parkrun’s and clocked up just under 16 miles. A few days later, I ran the usual parkrun and everything still felt ok but out of no where, my foot felt like it had been broken. I struggled to walk properly and took to Dr Google to workout what was wrong. (Dr Google is not the best Dr in the world) I learnt within a few minutes it could be one of several things such as;

  • Stress fracture
  • Broken foot
  • Tendon issues
  • The list could go on….

Rest, seek professional advice and the possibility of having my foot chopped off were the main points I took from Dr Google. After a few more days I sought the opinion of a Pro, he referred me for an x-ray which eventually came back clear.

I eventually was put it touch with Steve a podiatrist by a fellow Instagrammer. Steve was incredible helpful and answered all of my questions and explained my issue in layman terms several times!

I still don’t fully understand it but Steve knocked up some temporary insole adjustments and since then the foot feels fine. The only issue I had was with a blister starting to develop but after a quick call to Steve, he told me where the blister was before I had chance and he said it was fine. I popped back to see him and he reinforced them. Few runs in and all is looking good.

The main thing I have learnt by loosing three weeks of running is;

  • I bloody love it
  • I really enjoy swimming and need to keep it up
    Honestly, I love Zwift!!
  • Zwift is great fun and more exciting than riding on the road. This is mainly down to my competitive nature!

The cross training needs to continue, I need to learn to love stretching as much as I love running and most importantly Manchester, I am coming for you. I had a minor blip of my usual positivity recently and I started to question myself about if I could achieve my marathon dreams but this was quickly knocked for six, thanks to some brilliant pep talks!

I recently asked the world of Instagram the following question…

What’s the most importantly lesson you have learnt from a running event?

Don’t set off too fast!


Don’t follow the person in front too closely in case they suddenly stop!


Your mind needs to be stronger than your body


Don’t take energy drink AND energy gels during a marathon, take one or the other


The state of your mind is as important as the state of your body



Stick to the fuelling plan!


Don’t ste off to fast



Don’t take ibuprofen before a marathon!



That belief in the head counts for more than strength in the legs.



Don’t start at the front!



Pacing is everything!


Never trust an event with “Challenge” in the name. Over a mile at 15% incline!



Pace yourself and fuel up.



To look at the ground for the first mile for bottles that people throw! Nobody wants a broken ankle…



Your mindset is everything.


You can’t cheat a marathon.


What else would you add to this? I am 100% behind, “You can’t cheat a marathon” but I am sure there are plenty of more than could be added.

Swim Time!

February is a new month, with new challenges but also new opportunities

to succeed. January is done now and there is nothing I can do to change what happened. I do need to work hard but more importantly work smart. I cant afford to miss any more time…..

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31 year old father of two and a half kids who went from half arsed running to trying to run a marathon. Completed the #1000milesin2018 for Parkinson's UK.

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