Am I scared?

London is only a day or so away. I’m lying on the sofa. I can’t walk properly. My knee is looking worse by the hour. Am I scared? No. I will start and finish the London marathon on Sunday.

The thing that powers me is others plus my high level of stubbiness. The messages I have received have been amazing. Inspiring. Emotional. I will get this done, one way or another.

Saturday, I’m London bound and off to the expo. I can’t wait. Come Sunday, it’s going to be mind over matter. Digging deep and getting it done.

Am I scared? No. I can’t achieve my goals but I can achieve something. That’s running. Sometimes things don’t work out but come Sunday I will have that medal around my neck.

Either way; I’m coming home with that medal. See you on the other side.

If you can virtually buy a pint for my troubles check out this.

Thank you so much for all you support. ❤️

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31 year old father of two and a half kids who went from half arsed running to trying to run a marathon. Completed the #1000milesin2018 for Parkinson's UK.

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