Operation: Rebuild

Following on from my first and second marathons and the highs and lows of a broken marathon cycle plus a rogue injury, it was time for change. I know officially I have only completed one marathon cycle and maybe this time it would be different. The problem is throughout 2018, when I was chasing the #1000milesin2018, for long periods of time I was carrying some form of knock/injury/pain. It’s not how I want to train/race/live any more. I got to the Manchester start line having followed (on and off) an online pre-made training plan, plenty of cross training due to injury and been incredible stubborn. The road to Berlin had to be different.

Many a lesson learnt.

You can improve so much and learn so much before the plateau kicks in and frustration takes over. Eventually you will need to seek someone with a lot more knowledge that yourself. For me, it was tricky, admitting I was out of my depth. Most of the time throughout my life, I have found a way to achieve what I have wanted to achieve but with running, I was stuck. I knew it was time to bite the bullet and venture into the world of having an online coach…. It can be a daunting world out there, where do you even begin. Its a big undertaking to trust someone with your training plan, its like giving them the keys to your house and letting them know your on holiday for a week. They will have the opportunity to see your strengths and weaknesses, they is no dressing it up for “the gram” like a lot of people try and do. They will eventually know you better than you know yourself. The hardest part on top of all that for me personally was the fact I had to start back at the beginning, admitting that I was weaker than I first thought but the positive been that I had admitted things had to change.

This is where Sam and Headstart coaching came in. I had spoken to Sam for a couple of weeks regarding my running and what I had learnt from my marathon journey so far. After a few discussions I decided the time was right to get some external help and off the record I had given the project

The joys of been spontaneous!

three months and if I felt no benefit, I would pull the plug. We are now almost six weeks into working with Sam and its all going incredibly well. I am not sure he is a huge fan of my spontaneity but I like to keep him on his toes! I recently entered a half last minute and then to out do myself entered my first six hour event. The great thing is the training plans are sent every two weeks so plenty of time to make adjustments for last minute race entries…. (Isn’t that right Sam?)

I am really excited to see how I progress under Sam’s guidance, maybe even one day I can give him a run for his money on the track…. (P.s. He runs the 5k in 15.04, so maybe a six hour event would be better for me?)

If you need any more information you can find the Headstart Instagram page by clicking here, visit the coaching page or drop Sam an email.

Watch this space but so far, I am bloody loving it!

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31 year old father of two and a half kids who went from half arsed running to trying to run a marathon. Completed the #1000milesin2018 for Parkinson's UK.

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