The Story So Far

I started running to shift some timber. I had gone from working in the pub trade and been on my feet all day to working in an office sat on my arse from 8-5. I had let myself go. One day, I decided enough was enough. I bought some scales and took an intake of breath, I was 15stone 3lbs but as I am 6’1 I kind of hid it well. I wasn’t happy and I knew things had to change.

How people saw me.

I had stopped smoking by this time but my diet was shit. I ate far to much junk food and drank far to much beer. I joined my local gym and decided it was now or never. Over the next few weeks, I began to run on the treadmill, it wasn’t pretty but I was actually doing something. Over time I built up my ability to run and I remember running my first 5km on the treadmill and looking like sweaty death. I didnt give up and kept going. At work an old colleague of mine suggested I couldn’t run a half marathon.

Eventually, I was ready to run out in the real world. On one of my first runs outside some lovely member of the public shouted “Come on fatboy”. Now this could of gone one of two ways, I give up or I go hard. It was the motivation I needed.

I got myself into some tangles…

5 months later I was stood on the start line of the Coventry Half Marathon 2016. I had sweated my balls of to get ready. I had ran a half marathon by myself some weeks before to make sure I could do it, I finished at almost two hours dead. On the day of the race, I managed to run 1.44!! I then stopped running…..

10 months of doing bugger all and it was time to register for the Coventry half again. It was really hard and I said to myself, “You have to keep going after this is done”. Guess what?! I didn’t. I did nothing.

I entered the Great North run a few months later and I loved it. I knew this had to be it. It was time to try and give this running malarkey a go. In November 2017, I made the decision to try and run 1000 miles in 2018 and raise some money for Parkinson’s UK.

24/11/18 I finished it and this is just the start of my journey to the marathon….

By half marathon progress

Running is amazing! It can help you in so many ways from feeling better physically and mentally through meeting new people. It is hard work and does take time and dedication but its so worth it. I am gutted that I didn’t continue to run after my first half marathon but its time to push on and keep going now, one marathon at time!!!